The special raw material

The raw material, that formed the basis for the new product ranges, was developed in an effort to find a resin on the basis of the calcium hydroxide, for use in bioclimatic houses due to its beneficial properties. In collaboration with the University of Crete (Archaeology dept.), it was found that such materials were used in the ancient times.

The result of this R&D process was the evolution of the raw material into a new composition and crystalline structure. The final material acquired properties of elasticity and hardness greater than the usual cement mortars, substituting largely the use of synthetic resins. Due to the 3 years ageing process, the molecular crystal becomes larger and harder, forming very small scaly surfaces that are put in order with spatula techniques.

In this way, a surface is formed which behaves like fish scales: when they are independent they are hard and rigid but as a whole they form an elastic surface.

  • • Environmental friendly – natural material
    • Superior raw material (3 year aged lime and marble powder from Mt. Penteli
    • 80 standard colour shades, while many custom colour shades can be produced under request
    • Different finishes depending on the application

  • • Perfect transpiration
    • Natural anti-mold and anti-bacterial action (anti-bacterial properties 99,9%) without chemical additives
    • Reflective properties (90%) that remain unchanged over time
    • Exceptional hardness and elasticity at the same time
    • High resistance in very thin applications that is strengthened over time

  • • Anti-bacterial properties_ QACS Ltd laboratory
    • Reflective properties_ University of Athens, Physics dept.
    • Bending and compressing resistance_ CTEC (Center for Testing and European Certification)
    • Resistance in compression and bending ΕΚΕΤ (Hellenic Cement Research Center)


  • polo

    Ready lime-based paste in liquid form with maximum marble granule size 30μm. Very smooth visual effect for application with the spaying method. Suitable for surfaces of furniture and special items where it is not possible to apply a spatula-applied material or for the creation of stencils

  • polo

    Mortar of 2 ingredients lime and cement based, with quartz inerts of maximum granule size 200-600μm. Smooth to rough effect. Suitable for both interior and exterior walls

  • polo

    Lime paint with certified specifications, with anti-bacterial and anti-mold properties, high stable reflectivity, transpiration structure and retention properties of NOx and CΟx from the atmosphere. Authorized by the material workshop of Cultural Heritage & Modern Construction of the School of Architecture of the Technical University of Crete

  • polo

    Ready lime-based paste with maximum marble granule size 120μm. Very smooth visual effect due to the fine granule size for application in surfaces of interior spaces, bathrooms and floors of mild strain

  • polo

    Ready lime-based paste with quartz of medium granule size 400-800μm. Very mild to rough relief with visual appearance of the material’s granules. Application on interior and exterior walls

  • polo

    Ready lime-based paste with maximum marble granule size 30μm. Very smooth visual effect of marble surface due to the fine-grained granule size for applications on wall surfaces of interior spaces



From ancient Greek architecture
and traditional techniques until today

Mykonos, Andronikos Hotel


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  • FINE
  • VARIO 200/400/600
  • WALL 200/400/800



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